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About Jay Jay Cafe

Jay Jay Cafe Home Style Cooking!
The Story of Jay Jay cafe started in 
Orange County California where the owners Tito Montiel & Ramon Ceron discovered their passion for Home Style Cooking. The brother in laws worked and gained around 27 years of experience each, along side both of their wives Blanca Ceron & Mary Salgado. They then made their decision to move to Texas for a better and bigger opportunity.  With the husband's experience in Home Style Cooking and the wife's amazing baking of Home Made Fruit Pies, Cream pies, Mini Loaves, Cookies, Muffins, and more, they set out to put their experience to use by taking ownership of Jay Jay Cafe. After putting in long hours and working extra hard to insure the success of their first location, they realized they had outgrown their only location. Soon after, they found their hard work paying off with a lot of good word of mouth. They found themselves having good success. After close consideration the heartfelt discission to close the first location on fielder and random mill.  Now Jay Jay Cafe is a well known cafe in the Dallas Fort Worth area. They opened their most recent location on highway 287 in Mansfield. 

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